Planning ahead........
Making sure your special day runs smoothly!

Treasuring every moment – Getting married brings with it the opportunity to celebrate the shared values of your relationship. Your sense of occasion is very personal and by making a clear plan you have the possibility of orchestrating your perfect day. Feelings from excitement to anticipation, even stressful uncertainty, may appear occasionally. If you break it down will be easier to work with. Relax and enjoy each opportunity. Consider each choice as being an opportunity to create the occasion that will hold amazing memories for you and your guests.

Choosing the Venue – Getting married brings with it the opportunity to paint the perfect backdrop by selecting a location that means something special to you. You may choose your own garden setting, your home, perhaps a wedding chapel, a wedding reception venue, a favourite winery, a cruise boat, a train journey... the list is endless.. Decide what works best for you. Weather can be quite fickle so ensure there is shelter.
Considering your Guests needs - Your guests need to access all facilities with ease. Those with special needs should be considered at this planning stage. Considerations such as wheelchair access, the need for a sign language translator for hearing impaired guests, disabled parking, provision for special dietary needs, should catering be part of this decision.

Hosting your own Event? – plan for accessible car parking, a public address system, ample toilets, seating for attendees, a table/chairs for signing ceremonial documents, shelter such as a marquee,catering and presentation considerations to personalize the space.

What to wear ? How many bridesmaids!
Consideration of the ambience, the weather, the time of year, colour schemes, observance of particular traditions, your comfort, to what level do you wish to create a sense of occasion? Then consider the number of people involved in the official wedding party. Keep it simple or live out your purest dreams. Itʼs your day. Just donʼt allow these details to overwhelm you. Iʼll support your ideas to make this moment magic.