Celebrant Authorisation

I completed my studies in Nursing.... Changed career direction and was successful in the Fashion Industry owning boutiques and creating  events for charities on a voluntary basis. I completed studies in Business Administration, and have a Licenced Conveyancing
business. Been involved in Community Affairs since my teens which led me to running for, and being elected as a Councillor for three terms, twice as Mayor
in my local Community.

I was fortunate to receive my Registration as a Marriage Celebrant under Section 39D of the Marriage Act 1961 on the 2nd September 2005. It has been wonderfully satisfying to be part of the joy and happiness of two people who love and care for the welfare and enrichment of each other lives through Marriage. In many cases I marry partners who already have families, either their own or from previous relationships.  My public speaking capabilities and my ability to connect with people from all walks of life removes all the stress and nervous energy from your very personal, special occassion. It is important to know and believe that you are building a successful union that will give you great joy and last for life. Communication is the key word and I encourage you to discuss your expectations, your values, religion, family, your dreams and your concerns.   It is extremely important to express openly what you need and want in your marriage relationship.   I am here to listen to you, express your feelings honestly and I will listen attentively and craft a beautiful Civil Ceremony you and your family will treasure..

As a  a Member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants
 the minimum requirement is that the bride and groom and 2 witnesses attend a very simple ceremony that can be over in 10-15 minutes. But on looking back, a very short wedding ceremony can be ‘over too quickly’. If you are shy, I can suggest ways to make it easier for you to comfortably deal with the occasion and still have the romance you imagined. A shared wedding with friends and family invited to play a part if usually more inclusionary. In 20 to 30 minutes (feels like 15minutes) you will feel ʻwowʼ Iʼm married and your guests will treasure the occasion also.

Unlike a formal church service, a civil marriage allows the bride and groom freedom to express their vows in a multitude of ways, in many locations and is flexible in its potential to tailor a unique ceremony that will linger pleasurably for many years to come. Imagine being married at sunset on an ocean clipper on a balmy tropical evening? So Hollywood! But the reality of organising, paying and making it happen is often things of movies! A casual and intimate setting beachside, in the shallows to get just the right evening and timing... and by including music you enjoy, poetry with heart-felt meaning, readings of significance, contributions by friends such as singing, or perhaps symbolic dance... aspects of your cultural tradition, even merging of two cultures symbolically, your opportunities expand as I work with you to embed your wishes will more than realise such magic.